nternet industry in the era of China can achieve beyond the virtues of industrial power

with the development of new technology of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and mature, and the opening of the era of things, the Internet is changing every aspect of our lives, but also led the society forward in accelerating. In the trend of development of the Internet and new technology, has been urging mankind toward a more intelligent and digital life path, to achieve network integration, in the life of the service, to provide a more intelligent and efficient service for people; in productive labor, provide more digitized and scientific production tools for the enterprise.


so, Germany proposed industrial 4 times, the United States to the Internet industry sounded the charge, and Chinese also unwilling to lag behind, ushered in the era of the Internet industry. Despite their different names, but they are all with the help of Internet technology to achieve a more intelligent and digital production, to provide more quality services for users.

China, the industry fully promote the transformation and upgrading of the Internet

had to admit that the domestic Internet consumption pattern has been set, the BAT in business layout also has full bloom, how to make the move with vigour and vitality of small entrepreneurial team has been very difficult to capture in the BAT giant market. However, as the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data development, the Internet industry market battle has just begun, who can be early in the market based on the heel, who have the opportunity to become a new era of giants.

"Chinese manufacturing 2025" is the Chinese government to implement manufacturing strategy of the first ten years of the programme of action, put forward to promote the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization as the main line, to develop intelligent manufacturing, to build industrial ecological system under the condition of informationization and new manufacturing mode. To achieve the goal of manufacturing power, means that China’s manufacturing industry informatization level must be greatly improved, and can realize the rapid industrialization, this to a certain extent, the Internet industry provides a powerful policy support.

on the one hand, in our developed industrialized countries, a late start at least for decades, but the Internet can be compared with the developed countries, especially the development of the field of mobile Internet is very rapid. China’s Internet users use the mobile Internet users is also expanding, especially young users, they are born to be in contact with the Internet, the use of mobile Internet, entertainment consumption, etc., are gradually forming a new habit. Therefore, our country has a large, loyal Internet user base as a foundation.

on the other hand, the construction of the Internet infrastructure in China has made great achievements, especially in recent years the domestic big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology continues to mature, the key is the key development provides the transformation of traditional enterprises, there are also many enterprises to provide services for users of Internet companies, and this an enterprise service market in the future development, will become a huge energy industry in the Internet.

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