wang domain name market report the top fourteen are Chinese domain name

IDC network ( on 30 August 06 reports: according to the latest data released by, as of June 29, 2015 17,.Wang registered total has exceeded 180 thousand, rose to 181066, over the previous period (June 9th), a total net increase of 7897. The top fourteen is still the China domain name business, and no change in ranking over the previous period. Among them, the 73216 Western Digital.Wang domain name ranked first in the world, have obvious advantages. Below, please look at the detailed data analysis of IDC review network arrangement.


(Figure) domain name service provider.Wang domain name registration list TOP14

In the

above, the global.Wang domain name registration total fourteen list as follows: Western Digital, Ali cloud, Yi Ming Chinese, Beijing, the linkage of the world, love, beauty, orange Internet net Nawang technology, the era of the Internet, online reputation, nicenic, 35 Internet, Xinwanghulian, China data. Compared with the previous June 9th, ranking without any changes.

, Western Digital, Ali cloud and Chinese renamed in order to enter the top three, each accounted for 40.44%, 21.62%, the market share of 16.01%, a net increase of 1932 over the previous period, respectively, 1787, 3821.Wang domain, or have increased. It should be noted that the Western Digital market share continued to decline, a decrease of 0.72%. On the contrary, China renamed Ali cloud, market share continued to rise, an increase of 0.04% and 1.47% respectively.

The rest of the

market share is below 5%, and compared with the previous period have a slight decline phenomenon. Among them, only fifth of the linkage of the world’s total.Wang domain name is negative growth, net minus 17, down to 8582. In new network fourth, a net increase of 78, the total amount of.Wang domain name to 8782, once again opened the distance and the linkage of the world.

in addition, the domain name is increased by the amount of up to 2 digits and US orange Internet, love net, Nawang technology, Internet era, nice Nick, followed by 39, 80, 61, 17, 40. There is no known net increase, and the total is still consistent with the domain name.Wang. 35 Internet, Xinwanghulian, Chinese data of the 6, a net increase of 3, the 1.Wang domain name.

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