Webmaster should learn to use the resources around

      do what is for?

      I think most of the webmaster, the site is already out of the stage of interest. For a long time, how to profit has become the most important issue to continue to do.

      many owners accustomed to the night alone, a pack of cigarettes and their struggle. So, have you ever thought of, learn to use their own resources, to create profits for their website?

      everyone is not alone in this world, especially the person who can become a webmaster. There are some theories that teach us how to be different, how to be unique, how to rely on a creative success, I always feel that it is not suitable for the general webmaster. Need to know, first, it is difficult to create a wonderful idea in the minds of mortals like us, second, even if there is a wonderful idea, how to achieve? That is the need for the team, you need to have a good business quality to achieve.

      I recommend webmaster friends, in the middle of the night to update the site, consider the following several questions: first, what I’m good at? Two, my friends and relatives, who have done business in which success?

      don’t be afraid to ask for. And this is not simply to ask, is a mutually beneficial behavior — your relatives and friends, if people do foreign trade business is good, you may wish to cooperate with him, his business moved online to do; if there is a clothing business good, you can also use his channel in the online selling clothes collocation; if do logistics good, you can also use his relationship, on the Internet to expand……

      Chinese things about relationships, rational use of resources around, than you will find to related industry companies easier, and the people around me always reliable. We do more, may wish to think about.

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