A5 advertising alliance this month to invite the majority of owners to participate in the test open

after six months of preparation and half a month of testing A5 advertising alliance wildly beating gongs and drums, (u.admin5.com) this month on the line, born of the union alliance on the network at present large and small, less than one hundred, the operating status of chaos, many owners have suffered no deduction amount suffered the Title, A5 advertising alliance, will bring no small impact to the circle.

A5 advertising alliance features

1, diversified advertising style

ZYADS supports CPC (click) CPM (POP) CPA (Guide (Registration) CPS into sales) etc. type of advertising, advertising style support picture /FLASH ads, text ads (Theme), pop, HTML, custom, style and so on antithetical couplet floating.

2, malicious clicks, the two early warning system

two click tracking, Cookie filter, IP filter, click on the proxy filter, cross point filter, ID filter, click on the browser detection, frequency filtering, click filter, click on the residence time, the user information, click site filtering, advertising area filtering dozens of parameters to prevent malignant click

3, site referrals feature:

through the site off the assembly line, expanding the coverage of advertising, so that more sites to join them, through the downline function can gradually expand the visibility of the site, advertising awareness. Let more advertisers find the perfect service.

A5 advertising alliance audit standard

1 must have its own international top-level domain name or national top-level domain name (such as: http://s.www.abc.com), and the domain name has been filed, in principle, do not audit the use of two domain names or free domain name website.

2 the site itself and the advertisement shall not contain any content that violates the laws of the state.

3 site itself and advertising can not contain vicious code and viruses, can not contain unhealthy content, such as adults, sex, pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, reactionary, etc..

is now in alliance operation results during trial, so this time the test is only open 1000 webmaster places, software download sites (the other best quality web site, at present also) A5 advertising alliance with 2 software installation, data returned by the week day, the settlement commission. After the day there will be a variety of rich types of advertising products have on the line. Stay tuned!

A5 alliance will rely on its own strength and reputation to the majority of the owners to bring huge benefits!   A5 advertising alliance (u.admin5.com)

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