Ali signed with Australia GS1 about 2000000 merchants will be settled in Tmall

January 6th news, Alibaba group announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the Australian GS1 (international commodity code Association) group. ANZ group Alibaba directors general manager Zhou Lan said, the future will open an office in Australia Group Alibaba.


GS1 is a global, neutral non-profit organization, the development and maintenance of a unified global product labeling and e-commerce standards. Currently, the world’s more than and 150 countries and regions, the organization of the encoding of the joined more than 10000 companies registered using GS1 manufacturers identification code GS1250. GS1 system has been widely used in FMCG, retail, manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, food safety traceability, health care, building materials and other more than and 30 industries and fields.

as early as October last year, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced a global partnership with GS1, since the start of the Alibaba in the world to cooperate with GS1. It is understood that GS1 Australian Corporation is the world’s first company to start cooperation with Alibaba, currently has 1.7 companies in Australia to use GS1 standard.

cooperation with the Alibaba, using the GS1 standard and about 2000000 business cooperation company and Alibaba will big data open, now has 1300 Australian products through Tmall and Tmall to enter the international market Chinese, consumers can easily purchase products through Tmall australia.

according to GS1 estimates, the current 1300 brands into the Chinese market, the use of the GS1 standard of 65%. In last year’s double eleven, the Australian brand entered the Alibaba’s global sales of fourth products, while in 2015 was the fifth. And produced the only one hundred million global sales brand.


TMT blue at the scene that the rookie network has opened the first global order fulfillment centers in Australia (Sydney Global Fulfillment Center, referred to as GFC warehouse), China Australia and other overseas consumers in the purchase of goods, orders will be issued directly to the GFC warehouse, by GFC for businesses to provide value-added services, picking, delivery, stocking inventory management and other database. The use of GFC after delivery, consumers can also see details in real time in the logistics order Lanhuo, storage, customs clearance and other information, flight route. Currently Australia GFC warehouse logistics average aging has reached 7.5 days, compared to the traditional sea Amoy transport market is usually a period of 14 days, saving nearly half of the time for consumers.

in Australia’s largest logistics center, the blue whale TMT observed the area of more than 30 thousand square meters only more than and 200 staff in the work, the daily distribution of goods is as high as about 500000, is distributed to all CW stores, and sent to the warehouse to the China GFC. Among them, the highest trading volume GFC week a week

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