Google East China proxy vacuum state the two sides continued negotiations failed


technology news October 28th morning news, Google and China 7 agents have to start the second round of negotiations, but this lasted for 11 hours of negotiations did not achieve substantive results, the negotiations will continue today. Google had previously announced the termination of 7 agents in October 27th qualification agency, Google East China agency in a vacuum state.

, according to representatives of the East China agent said yesterday, Google and East China agents conducted a second round of negotiations. Google executives in Asia Pacific Aliza and other agents who communicate. It is reported that this communication from 1 pm until late at night on the point of time, the content and details of the communication were carried out, but not yet the final results of the disclosure of the 2.

negotiations will continue today.

Google had previously said it would terminate the East China 7 agents of the advertising agency qualification, the termination of the agreement will take effect in October 27th. But yesterday, East China 7 agents did not reach an agreement with Google, Google also did not auction agency. This means that the current Google East China agency in a vacuum state.

currently Google did not respond to the matter. (Cui Xi)

event playback:

– the evening of September 27th, East 7 agents of Hangzhou Netcom Internet, Wenzhou City owned rich investment, Ningbo Tiger wing, Jiang Sufu, Yangzhou, Xiamen, Ding Jie billion capital Jinhua Guosheng suddenly received Google Internet mail, they notice to cancel the agent qualification. Then the aggregation agent of Google Shanghai company, and hit my hard-earned money, fair and open "banner denouncing, the Google Corporation will reply in October 8th and high-level communication agent.

– East China agents in Shanghai and Google Corporation representatives in October 8th negotiations with Google global vice president Liu Yunhe Google Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza Knox face to face and telephone communication. Google side said that the decision to unilaterally cancel the qualification of 7 agents agency is a global consensus.

Not satisfied with the

– October 9th East 7 agents on Google’s position, and released an open letter, strongly opposed to "Google without any clear reason and reason unilaterally cancel the agent qualification decision", and reiterated that the matter there is a huge conspiracy that Google internal staff abuse of power affect the healthy operation of Google.

– October 12th East 7 agents held in Shanghai called "silly Conspiracy: the true story of a conference at a press conference, and Google Chinese exposure scandal, said Google China one department staff charge agent sent a senior brand car, take the initiative to ask for money and other agents, and questioned the bid deposit tricky.

– October 14th, Google China has established dialogue and communication mechanisms with 7 East China agents. Dialogue mechanism will be directly responsible for the Google China and the trust of both sides of the agents are responsible.

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