DNSPod mobile version of the mobile phone online at any time to modify the DNS resolution


have you ever been to the scene? When you’re out, you suddenly get a phone call, a server is out of order, you need an emergency switch IP. And this time you do not bring a notebook, not easy to access the internet. So you are burning with impatience everywhere to find Internet cafes. Not easy to find Internet cafes, the fault IP is switched off, you will find your domain management account stolen, tampered by hackers linked to page records. Website reputation is affected, Google search results are marked as malicious software, traffic fell sharply. So, you were boss fire.

with DNSPod mobile version, the above situation will no longer exist. As long as you have an Internet phone, you can always modify your record on the DNSPod. Do not be afraid of server failure, boss a phone over, squatting toilets can also change the record, so you squat comfortable, squatting assured.

In addition to the addition of

to modify the general features, the mobile version of the DNSPod also for mobile devices screen small, inconvenient operation and other shortcomings, the use of optimization. For example, there is a rapid increase in the record in accordance with the type of record, record value, line and other methods of sorting, and so on and so on.

mobile version DNSPod address is http://s.m.dnspod.com

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