Lamaha Springs residents frustrated by road woes

first_imgResidents of Lamaha Springs, Georgetown are furious over the deplorable condition of their roads which they said are becoming more appalling each day.Potholes in Lamaha SpringsOn request of residents, this publication visited the area on Wednesday. One resident said that about a month and a half ago, workers – they presumed were from the Public Infrastructure Ministry – showed up with bulldozers and started to dig the roads but subsequently left, leaving their vehicles parked in the area.“Just so you see a morning they came and they start with this bulldozer digging,” the resident said.Another resident told this newspaper that the roads were in a better condition prior to the commencing works. They also said that the roads have now become smaller by some four feet in width since the mud that was placed along the edge of residents’ parapets have encroached on the roadway.Potholes in Lamaha Springs“If we had ten potholes, we had nuff,” the resident stated.Residents also expressed concerns about their safety and the damages caused to their vehicles from traversing the area which has been filled with “big bricks” by the residents to facilitate proper passage for vehicles.A resident further stated that persons living in the area have found this project by the Ministry to be extremely frustrating and inconvenient as they now have to find alternative routes to drive.Guyana Times was told that when they expressed concerns to the workers on-site, they were unable to get any information but are rather told to call the Public Infrastructure Ministry.In July, the residents raised concerns about the condition of the roads which they stated were badly damaged as a result of heavy-duty trucks traversing frequently at the time. However, the issue has worsened in the span of a few months.Guyana Times understands that most of the persons living in the community, including top officials from the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, are fearful of being victimised so they prefer to remain silent on the issue: “The position they’re in they don’t want to be victimised, is the same thing with me”.The bulldozers which have been parked and left in Lamaha Springs for over a month and a halfThe residents mentioned that the project started by the APNU/AFC Government has instead destroyed their roads completely and had proper maintenance been conducted the current issues would not have been experienced.last_img

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