Comparison between traditional marketing and Web2 0 marketing

      customer marketing is the key to customer segmentation based on the realization of a one to one precision marketing, rather than the kind of public bombing of the popular marketing. So, what is the difference between customer marketing and mass marketing? And the integration of the spirit of SRM Web2.0 is how?

      from the marketing target, mass marketing emphasis is to achieve sales revenue target, and customer marketing emphasis is to obtain customer loyalty, SRM’s focus on building a loyal customer community, is a high degree of adhesion circle.

      from the marketing perspective, how to focus on mass marketing to win customers, and customer marketing focus is to win customers in the whole life cycle, SRM emphasizes loyalty community life cycle.

      from the cycle point of view, the mass marketing is more short-term behavior, and customer marketing is in the medium and long term, as long as the existence of SRM, the existence of long-term social marketing.

      from the key performance indicators, mass marketing is more to the assessment results from market share, product margins, and customers around the marketing emphasis on customer share of wallet, customer profitability and customer value assessment, SRM will pay more attention to the community and the individual’s loyalty, degree and degree of communication relationship chain the assessment.

      from the customer knowledge acquisition and need to understand the mass marketing is collecting market segment habits and needs, do the market research stage; and customer marketing is the understanding of individual customer habits and needs analysis of customer behavior, customer behavior model and the expected time; SRM emphasizes individual real-time customer permission and demand labels, licensing and community demand label.

      from the perspective of products, mass marketing sales are independent products, and customer marketing is the product sales and value-added service system, SRM is to provide products and services and personalized self-service products and services.

      from the price, most mass marketing is to provide overall discount, such as discounts, concessions; and customer marketing is based on the difference between the price of customer loyalty, such as price and gold membership card membership price; SRM dynamic pricing, customer pricing, bidding or auction.

      from the marketing channel, mass marketing is mostly traditional channels as well as a lonely hunter’s sales with customers, and marketing is the use of sales channels and new automation team, SRM is making full use of network channels and membership network connections.


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