Thunder is very violent brave when the mouse

is a little old friends should remember, Tencent QQ hang growth system as a waste of power resources to be halted, and create a harmonious society, environmental protection is very important, the power is very important, the earth is very important. Now, the thunder, very crazy, very violent, the Tencent was stopped in the business restart, Yong when the mouse.

previously, Tencent has launched hang QQ online time, by the appropriate level of the plan, resulting in many users of long-term open computer, hang QQ online, resulting in wasted power, by users and media condemnation, was forced to cancel.

[] a "secret upgrade Raiders" thunder thunder users sought by post. The Post said, "if you want to quickly upgrade, then we must seize the opportunity every day, open the thunder after every 10:00 minutes, and then download at least 10 files (regardless of size), after a day like hanging QQ, hang (not both) thunder, who insist that if things go on like this will be successful." According to the integration rules of thunder, every integral upper limit is 70 points, requires a minimum of 10 hours. Mr. Li is the son of the integral 7700 points, requires 110 days, for at least 1100 hours to hang up.

thunder is very ideal, do a download tool, do download portal, and do online look, and spread thunder IM, very fierce, very powerful. However, Liu Huafang students think learning mode of thunder Tencent youmoyouyang, worthy of praise, but encourage hang, a waste of energy, support BT, eMule network and bandwidth make him a killer, Zou Shenglong successfully put into fast thunder tired, tired, tired of machine network, users


to do a Chinese Internet users easy to open a web page, it will pop up a window, very yellow, very violent. QQ chat software every day so many pop-up window, thunder download software take so much memory, anti-virus software to kill the wrong so many system files, search engine Baidu recommended that many foreign customers…… Alas, will do easy access, users will download easy, not hard; difficult to restart; because of easy, difficult to buy a house; give birth to a child easily, difficult to feed. Young Chinese TNND is really not easy!

what is the root cause of the thunder of the value is not good enough, an output can not allow users to meet the value of the enterprise, will not become a great business!

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