Enthusiastic appeal Wenchuan earthquake owners have to do so

Wenchuan earthquake, the whole nation with sorrow! In May 12, 2008, this will never forget the day! Is the Chinese people, should be the actual action, is the Chinese webmaster, also should act immediately, for the disaster area to make a contribution!

earthquake is terrible, but I really hope we can move the heart, God can win day! Yesterday to today, I have been concerned about Wenchuan, concerned about the earthquake, my heart is beating with them, although Sichuan is not my family, but to see the death toll in the period also increased my the heart in the blood, I couldn’t help crying (especially to hear the Prime Minister of propaganda) but I just saw this information: the use of seismic station to donate fraud: http://s.admin5.com/article/20080513/84323.shtml, I really spent Chinese, there is such a scum! Unexpectedly have this black webmaster! Wish him earthquake zhensi


is the gateway of the donation: Tencent donated 5 million; NetEase announced the Sichuan earthquake donations 5 million yuan; 2 million Sohu donated money; Sina donated 1 million yuan in relief funds (which may be a little problem, a real internal or money would not be so small); Baidu donated attention (action a little slow, worthy of reflection


I am a small station, but also students in reading, I am willing to put my income in the first half of this year to the station area, also ready to grant my poor students donated to the disaster area, but also for their blood donated to the disaster areas of friends, all in preparation, hope that friends in the disaster hold on! But also for their station (although the station is not what traffic) hang a conspicuous advertising even to some of the big portal station in Wenchuan earthquake area, the only way to have credibility, to appeal to everyone! You were


I am Chinese, a China heart, you heart, the heart of Sichuan


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