Greek Prime Minister asks Nikolaidis to save football

first_imgThe former head of AEK and Atlético de Madrid has already held a couple of meetings to assess the situation with the government team. Hellenic football is in a critical situation. Institutional leaders held a meeting with the representatives of the four large teams (Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK and PAOK) to find the ways of a solution. The pressures and threats between them and the scandals do not cease. But the meeting served for very little. Mitsotakis and his team identify Nikolaidis as a charismatic and committed figure, who in the past did not hesitate to fight as a footballer against corruption. He came to clean up AEK as president and even raised the flag of the fight to end the power of the ultras.Nikolaidis, committed and combative.Strong, combative and not very malleable, Nikolaidis, precisely, also analyzed the disastrous situation of Greek football with AS. “All we have is talent, but we lack everything else,” he denounced. Mitsotakis would also recover with Nikolaidis the most golden history of Greek football as an emblem of that selection that was proclaimed champion of Europe in 2004. The Hellenic myth would be the strong man of the Federation that would carry out the change at all levels and that would be in charge to implement a sanitation plan with the approval of Gianni Infantino. Greek football continues to be mortally wounded. The escalation of scandals and the situation of permanent corruption denounced by many does not cease. Each day there is a new episode with which they have not been able to finish any of the measures, not even the use of foreign referees in some matches or the threat of suspension of the championship. Things do not change and the government tries to take action on the matter. A few days ago Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced in the House of Representatives a threat of Grexit for your clubs, preventing them from participating in continental competitions to follow this situation. He warned that he would resort to the help of FIFA and UEFA to find a solution. But for that he needs an iron man and the chosen one, if he accepts, is Demis Nikolaidis.last_img

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