Whitewater skiers shine at Teck race

first_imgThe Whitewater Ski Racers recently hosted more than a 100 racers Teck Kootenay  Zone Race. Two days of slalom races —102 racers ages 10-72 — attracted skiers from as far away as Lake Louise and Golden/Kicking Horse. Whitewater has the largest number of racers. The next Kootenay Zone race will be a Giant Slalom in Kimberley Jan31/Feb1.Whitewater will host the first Nancy Greene race of the year on Sunday January 25 Here are the results: U12: Saturday 1: Male: LAZIER LIAM-6, SWETLAND RIVER-12, SOLLID EDAN-15, LESSARD KIAN-16, KELLY RYAN-18 Female:Aliza Jones-3, Sophie Hickson-5,Sierra Pardoe-9, Lauren Robertson-10, MARECHAL NEEVA-15, SHAPOVALOVA NARAYANI-16, ROBERTSON ANA-18, MURRAY RHIANNON-19 Saturday  2: Male: LAZIER LIAM-7, JENSEN BRODIE-11, SOLLID EDAN-16, SWETLAND RIVER-17, LESSARD KIAN-21 Female: HICKSON SOPHIE-2, JONES ALIZA-5, ROBERTSON LAUREN-6, PARDOE SIERRA-9, MARECHAL NEEVA-15, SHAPOVALOVA NARAYANI-16, ROBERTSON ANA-17 Sunday 1: Male:    LAZIER LIAM-5, JENSEN BRODIE-7, KELLY RYAN-11, SOLLID EDAN-13, SWETLAND RIVER-14, LESSARD KIAN-20 Female: HICKSON SOPHIE-3, JONES ALIZA-5, ROBERTSON LAUREN-7, PARDOE SIERRA-9, SHAPOVALOVA NARAYANI-13, MARECHAL NEEVA-14, ROBERTSON ANA-16, MURRAY RHIANNON-17 Sunday  2: Male: LAZIER LIAM-6, SWETLAND RIVER-12, SOLLID EDAN-13, LESSARD KIAN-14 Female:  HICKSON SOPHIE-3, PARDOE SIERRA-5, ROBERTSON LAUREN-6, SHAPOVALOVA NARAYANI-11, MARECHAL NEEVA-13, MURRAY RHIANNON-15, ROBERTSON ANA-16 U14: Saturday 1: Male: OOSTHUIZEN Yael-2, WATERFIELD Garrett-7, LEISHMAN Henry-8, BELLMAN Troy-9, GAFFRAN Nathan-10, MEASURES Tao-11, DIGIACOMO Kell-18, LAWRENCE-JEFFERY Chris-19, Female: WATERFIELD Kiley-15, LEWANDOWSKI Gretchen-22, VANDERHOLT Hanna-23, Saturday 2: Male: OOSTHUIZEN Yael-1, BELLMAN Troy-5, MEASURES Tao-6, LAWRENCE-JEFFERY Chris-11, DIGIACOMO Kell-12, GAFFRAN Nathan-16 Female: WATERFIELD Kiley-5, MURRAY Zarah-9, LEWANDOWSKI Gretchen-16, VANDERHOLT Hanna-18 Sunday 1: Male: OOSTHUIZEN Yael-6, LEISHMAN Henry-8, WATERFIELD Garrett-9, BELLMAN Troy-13, LAWRENCE-JEFFERY Chris-17, DIGIACOMO Kell-19 Female: WATERFIELD Kiley-12, MURRAY Zarah-17, LEWANDOWSKI Gretchen-24 Sunday 2: Male: OOSTHUIZEN Yael-7, WATERFIELD Garrett-9, DIGIACOMO Kell-19, GAFFRAN Nathan-20 Female: WATERFIELD Kiley-14, MURRAY Zarah-18, LEWANDOWSKI Gretchen-24 U16/MA: Saturday: Male: SWAN Bobby-2, GAFFRAN Noah-3 Female: PUNCHARD Oso-2 Sunday : Male: SWAN Bobby-2, BROUSSON Liegh-3, GAFFRAN Noah-4 Female: PUNCHARD Oso-2last_img

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