Talk about the development of forum from my point of view

      development of open source system and promote the new website forum, like the bamboo shoots after the rain like smoke, after all the fertilizer root nutrition Co., it just came out of the very strong, because not to make nutrition, quickly thin, slim, even withered to deformation.

      this is a very real problem, with so many new forums, there are several to one or two months, or even half a year to a forum in front of a heavy traffic? There are few forums like this……

      I have studied several forums: for example! Like phpwind and discuz forum, they have a group of loyal users, with users, owners need to place the program requires the technical support, at the same time open source of temptation, and free quality service is a good place for netizens to…… {similar to the mobile network, dedecms}

      outdated forum, the site is a long time, is the webmaster often go to the place, can say most of the success of the webmaster is from the inside out, its appeal, temptation can be imagined…… {similar webmaster nets}

      there are some non webmaster often go to the forum, for example! Excellent forum, this forum is an old station, the site is for a long time, the development process is not clear but the point is that Internet users also need that software, resource sharing, gathered a lot of popularity…… {this forum a lot of}

      and the new forum? Now the station open source is no longer a dream, after beginning in the dream, how to gather popularity, users often to visit, release information; this is a question worthy of our webmaster, like we did above for the forum what advantage, we rely on what development forum?

      the answer is: not always innocent people, most probably it did not actually happen all a matter of course…… But at the station, insist, insist, rich content of the web site, and provide the technology, resources, information services, to provide Internet users, all required to serve as the premise, at the same time, through the test of time to gather popularity, heavy traffic the station door……

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