Jiangsu’s first serious gambling case cracked Alipay two months suction gold million

24 year old man surnamed Wang, on the Alipay platform established a number of chat groups, then draw users into the group. When a group of persons to dozens of people, then grab a red envelope in the form of gambling organizations. Every time the red by the fixed personnel Wang trust issued, Qiangde each amount or at least to the fixed red envelopes return is greater than the initial amount of bonus. Fixed red envelopes received return envelopes and then continue to red envelopes, and so on.

in just two months, Wang set up the red gambling group members of hundreds of people, covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guizhou and Shandong 5 provinces, involving gambling more than 1000 yuan, Wang et al profit of more than 100 yuan. Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu province police cracked the case of the first serious gambling in Jiangsu province using the Alipay platform open online casino, arrested 13 suspects.

network chat group unusually hot all night

at the beginning of September 2015, the Zhangjiagang Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade police in carrying out routine inspections of the network, find a chat group gathered hundreds of friends, chat atmosphere is unusually hot, sometimes even without interest.

through further verification, the police found the group chat based on Alipay platform, and abnormal capital transactions. According to experience, the police judge this may be an online gambling group, then in conjunction with the City Public Security Bureau police brigade and the establishment of a task force to investigate the police station.

after a preliminary verification of the gambling group, members of the group to participate in a very wide distribution, covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guizhou and Shandong 5 provinces. Members of the group chat is not fixed, there are new members to join, but also to withdraw, but the total number of basic maintenance of about 100 people. In coordination with the relevant network platform, the police successfully mastered the staff group in the gambling information and capital flows.

from November 12, 2015 to 13, Zhangjiagang police on 9· 14 Internet gambling project "focused on the net, successively in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guizhou, Jiangsu and other places to capture Zhangjiagang Man Wang led the 13 suspects, seized more than 20 mobile phone, the computer, successfully cracked a large gambling case of the province’s first use of Alipay platform open online casino, involving more than 1000 yuan.

is gambling people grab red tap profit

More than 100 users across the

distribution, to know how they will become a group chat online casino


this year, 24 year old Zhangjiagang suspect Wang is one of the leading group of gambling. Since September 2015, Wang, together with several friends set up a number of chat groups in Alipay, then draw users into the group. When the number of group chat to dozens of people, Wang et al. Took the lead to grab red envelopes".

in Wang’s red group, the red envelopes issued by a fixed staff, these people are called the contract hand, the basic trust is a friend wang. Each.

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