Mike Florio’s take on risking penalties to ‘send a message’ to Patrick Mahomes is dumb at best

first_imgIn a word: oof.On Wednesday, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk had a curious take at best and a dumb take at worst, as he suggested that 49ers players should “trade the risk of 15 yards” in order to send a message to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes during Super Bowl 54. @ProFootballTalk is encouraging late hits with the possibility of taking Mahomes out of the game. pic.twitter.com/wUV3vYSnPC— Thee AB (@AB_3127) January 23, 2020SUPER BOWL 54 MYTHS:The worst narratives around 49ers-Chiefs”I want to be careful here, because I’m not suggesting that they try to knock him (Mahomes) out of the game, that’s not what I’m saying,” Florio said. “But, at a certain point, you trade the risk of 15 yards if you can send a message. “Football is still a physical, violent game, if you can hit him, even if it’s close to the sideline, even if he’s maybe started into his slide, when the championship is riding on it, I think it’s a different analysis.”(Really, all credibility is gone once you run the “But” in there.)Now, football is an inherently violent sport. We know this. It’s not a surprise to anyone who watches, and all 15-yard penalties aren’t created equal as we’ve seen during this NFL season. But there’s something very, very dumb and mean-spirited about this take for a few different reasons.The first is the obvious: by promoting the idea of earning a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness, you’re also promoting wanting to injure Mahomes, one of the game’s young superstars, regardless of what Florio says. There’s a reason flags are thrown for unnecessary roughness calls, and it’s to protect players, no matter how innocuous a hit might seem. No good ever comes of wanting to hit a QB as he’s sliding or going to the ground, or trying to head for the sidelines. Just look at what happened with Carson Wentz and Jadeveon Clowney.It also seems like Mahomes is the wrong guy to try and send that message to, considering he is quickly earning the reputation of NFL tough guy. After all, the guy played through a sprained ankle, bruised hand and quickly returned from a knee injury earlier in the season.  The other side of it is obvious, too: yeah, play hard, play to the whistle, but try and draw flags when every yard and every down might matter in the Super Bowl? Pretty dumb. A reminder: unsportsmanlike conduct penalties count toward an ejection in the NFL, so whoever runs the risk of even attempting something as ridiculous as hitting Mahomes as he’s entering a slide could get tossed later in the game.Another aside: Florio has regular spots on “Football Night in America,” so it’s weird for someone as publicly visible in the football spectrum to promote playing outside the lines and, in turn, potentially trying to injure a star player.Regardless of which side you lean in the Super Bowl, it seems pretty dumb for a (supposedly) unbiased media member to suggest wanting to hurt a guy to “send a message.” Might want to sit this one out, Mike.last_img

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