Summary and analysis of the new site in 2010

2010, personal webmaster circle expert are moving into local websites, but these local websites, the author mostly know and understand, so everyone together to sort out, analysis and study.

Hubei network

domain name: hype price of 200 thousand euros, the author valued at more than 1 million 500 thousand

head: Cai Hongyi

architecture: Forum PHPWind

data: 16 thousand members, 3 thousand days post

Hubei reported net behind several expert figure, Dudu, rose, and Xiao are individual stationmaster in the older generation. Hubei network seems to be determined to have been released so far has been more than 4 months (July 7th release, I remember), the development speed is also very fast. From the website structure, the details are in place, highlighting the column for the show, Jiangcheng delicacy.

Guangzhou network

domain name: I valued at more than 1 million

Head of

: Andy

architecture: Forum Discuz! X1.5

data: 220 thousand members, 15 thousand days post

The head of

is the domain name speculation master, but also master the flow. The early development of mainly depends on the membership promotion send Q coins popularized, the forum has the promotion function; now 020 is still a lot of the members Send gifts. 020 now should be able to sit tight Guangzhou community leader position.

55 city

domain name: I valued at more than 1 million 200 thousand

Head of

: the change of


architecture: Forum Discuz! X1.5

data: 15 thousand members, 1 thousand days post

wolf’s website (, a airline stewardess web site navigation (, star network (, network ( and other girls super cattle domain, but the site in addition to the acquisition of the back, really just. 55 only the development of Haikou area. Do you want the pilot in Haikou, if successful, by 55 the domain name advantage, expansion of the country, but the author is estimated to be too difficult to fight in the national will. Haikou still do a good job.

Chenzhou 365

domain name: I estimate within 5K

head: Adu

architecture: site

data: IP1 million

this site is not very familiar with the last seen on the A5, the next chat. The main >

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