Vertical electricity supplier upstart washed the difficult road that sin

has a "adequate profit, capital will be very strong. As long as 10% of the profits, it will be around 20%, will be used; lively; 50%, will cause a positive risk; 100%, will make the law 300%, fling caution to the winds; it will make people afraid of dangerous crime, not even the hanged." Marx

According to

CEO and co-founder Chen Ou said, the current cosmetics electricity supplier industry gross profit is about 20%. And the cosmetics industry gross margin is between 30% and 60%, the L’OREAL group in the first half of last year the gross profit rate is 71%, the domestic cosmetics giants Shanghai Jahwa nearly two years of gross margin of around 50%.

from 20% to 50%, cosmetic website are from the adventure of "lively" coveted "positive". The early period of the original sin plagued the industry practitioners, Chen Ou said: "the first day a start-up may not all the goods are brand, because there is no strength."

from barbaric growth, to respect the brand, China’s cosmetics vertical electricity supplier website is on a white road, although this road is extremely difficult.

genuine alliance

women’s day this year, Paris L’OREAL, Kose, and Shiseido and other brands, channels, jointly signed in Beijing "China cosmetics electricity supplier genuine coalition discipline proposal", the petition delegates will resolutely resist the known fake fake goods; resolutely resist the heavy pre-sale regardless of customer service; resolutely resist from the unknown channel conflict; resolutely resist the vicious competition between channels, mutual slander; resolutely resist the omission of the sale of fake brand behavior.

this is a premeditated attack.

had recently released cosmetics industry white paper in the industry’s most direct competitor, in the white paper Lasafo said the price limit for authentic cosmetics sales counter price of about 30 percent off, suggesting that selling. The last day of February, by, Hunan TV to create electricity supplier website hi Tao nets general manager Sun Zhenkun long by micro-blog in the form of "fake and smuggled goods has blasted", and said "different, do not plan". Sun Zhenkun reviewed his dinner with CEO Chen Ou of the past in micro-blog, which had hoped to promote Chen ou will through the Hunan satellite TV "more Amoy more fun" column, but was the customer service manager of the block, the reason is "fake and smuggled goods" cross line. At the same time, Sun Zhenkun also borrowed the "colleagues" words at the United States the quality of the products, called "EC" more fire, more girls suffer "," bad disadvantages out good money".

Chen Ou said, if you want to make the industry better, must respect the brands: is willing to respect and maintain the brand system, because the cosmetics is more emotional and spiritual demands, not only is the cost of raw materials. Why it is true

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