Ali 8 billion financing plan to finalize the repurchase of equity or pave the way for the overall m

once the program is implemented, the overall valuation of Alibaba group will be more than 40 billion U.S. dollars

reporter yesterday confirmed from reliable sources, Alibaba group for the acquisition of YAHOO equity financing arrangements have been nearly final, the relevant program will be announced next Wednesday or so the fastest. Sources close to the transaction, told reporters that the final amount of financing will be less than $8 billion before expected, but the figure is quite close". The equity financing plan as soon as possible, the overall valuation of Alibaba group will exceed $40 billion.

1, the overall valuation of more than $40 billion

2, many capital giants join

in accordance with the previous financing plan disclosed in the media, in the financing of nearly $8 billion in total, syndicated loans and private equity financing accounted for more than half. Private equity financing of up to about $4 billion will set a new record for Chinese companies this year, private equity financing. Among them, the Alibaba plans to approximately $2 billion in equity financing scale, according to the original $35 billion overall valuation of ordinary shares to investors; the remaining $2 billion equity financing, the issuance of preferred shares to more than $40 billion valuation. This valuation compared to the valuation of YAHOO’s share repurchase program released in May, has increased by nearly 20%. The transaction involves a large number of enterprises, including Silver Lake capital, DST, Singapore Temasek, CIC also has existing investors, open the country such as the "national team" in PE.

, an insider told reporters, CIC is whether to participate in the investment is still uncertain, but in his own view, CIC’s wholly-owned subsidiary Central Huijin and is also a major shareholder of CDB and the four lines, financial institutions in the market of project and its shares structure involved in investment projects for commercial competition there has been some controversy.

resident CDB one insider told reporters earlier in Hongkong, China Development Department is very optimistic about the Alibaba, and this project is regarded as Chinese Internet industry "last trading opportunities". CDB will participate in the equity financing + loans. It is understood that other banks have also participated in the entire loan project. In addition, the open system of investment flagship, the registered capital of up to 35 billion yuan in financial limited liability company, involved in the project financing project negotiations. The source said, although the Alibaba in the negotiations in a relatively strong position, requiring all investors to give up the right to vote, but with a strong financial strength of CDB loans, CDB to a more ideal price to get into Alibaba, should not be a barrier.

3, why Alibaba


informed sources told reporters that this round of financing is completed, in accordance with the established rhythm, the Alibaba’s investment banking team has already begun preparations for the listing of Ali, in agreement with YAHOO, the latest time to market by 2015, but it is also possible that next year will show.

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