PayPal hand in hand to participate in earthquake relief donations online dedication love

14:28 on May 12th, 7.8 earthquake occurred between the ABA under the jurisdiction of Wenchuan County Xuankou and Wolong, 32 years ago with the magnitude of Tangshan earthquake, numerous casualties shocked the world. TV plays continuously around the rescue forces rushed to the disaster area to participate in disaster relief, the prime minister is also the first time after the earthquake rescue team rushed to the disaster area. Everyone is paying close attention to the latest progress of the earthquake events, hope that the victims can get relief as soon as possible.

with the continuous deepening of the disaster situation in Sichuan province and surrounding areas, housing, roads severely damaged, casualties have been over ten thousand people, the disaster by the country concerned about the parties have reached out to help.

I noticed that

Tencent China Red Cross Jet Li one foundation project in the first time after the earthquake the opening of the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake emergency fund-raising Tencent public network, and caifutong for ordinary users online donations set up a convenient channel. As of 12 noon on May 14th, Choi Fu Tong has received a donation of $more than 2 million 420 thousand.

believe that many overseas Chinese see this major disaster in Sichuan hope donations to support the disaster areas, everyone’s economic capacity, the amount of donations, a small amount of donations if through bank remittance fee, is not convenient, but also a lot of. Perhaps many people will give up the idea of donation. 51paypal is a focus on the use of the PayPal site, based on this situation, 51paypal recommend that you donate online through PayPal, convenient, no fee. PayPal is the world’s largest online payment platform, users cover more than and 190 countries around the world, spending $17 to pay.

previously, 51paypal introduced how to do everything possible to find ways to spend $Paypal, a lot of friends in the PayPal account through a variety of channels to get some more or less dollars, and often account for the dollar amount is small, and considering the relatively high cost of PayPal withdrawals (domestic bank withdrawals: at least $35 cheques for $5 with at least 60 yuan fee), there is no support to mention now.

so in the face of the disaster, to participate in earthquake relief PayPal online donation dedication love! In this way to spend PayPal dollars in the trust is a very meaningful thing. There are many ways to donate, and the best and most effective way to do this is to donate online through a simple and easy to use PayPal system. You can choose the following preset amount of a few buttons to donate, or according to the conditions of their own set amount, all the money will be deposited in the Red Cross Society of China Jet Li Foundation Fund account.

note: the above PayPal donation does not accept the donation of RMB, the above method is suitable for overseas Chinese or PayPal have extra dollars and inconvenient to mention friends. If you are using RMB

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