Grassroots webmaster a week wonderful comments

A: really know when learning, learning are some of the C language, data structures, the compilation of these things, both difficult to learn, practical and not high. Plus to the University, no one discipline, what Professor tutor are trying to make the block a month do not see a few rush to have in the US, help naive boys in learning, not how seriously, is playing all day, game bubble female, so university four years almost did not learn what really skills, professional knowledge, practical ability is almost zero. That may be the sad part of the college education system. Have a look。 Only find the objective factors, which is why you do not succeed..

    take my failure in career

B: I was also 90 owners, when 05 years started all day on the Internet for free space, the first domain is my father give me money to buy, buy a com, then someone help me, slowly data have to buy space in flat-share net bought a space, then think com international is better, doing a free resource station, the free space information and together with the whole, due to security problems being black several times, I have no confidence in what make this station, was shut. Free space actually can do for early learning if the use of real understanding of planning to make a stand when you can’t use it, because there is no guarantee of free space one day off, I have my own server now.

        [90] essay "poor webmaster webmaster Guo Yujiao" life

C: sub works will also be used as permanent exhibition of urban sculpture. This means that Ma is likely permanent in the future of Hangzhou’s central business district. Qian Yun said yesterday in an interview with the Post reporter, said that due to the parties involved in the portrait, and he has not been able to get in touch with Jack Ma, the work is still possible to modify. At the same time, Ma as a specific figure in the world, the future development is still uncertain factors. As a writer, I don’t want to take too much outside pressure on the subject. Alibaba said it did not know about the matter, also declined to comment. But Ma Yun sculpture has won a lot of people in Hangzhou, especially young people’s favorite, Ma Yun is an example of contemporary independent struggle, the power of positive guidance".

        Hangzhou central business district intends to erect Ma statue

D: do anything you have to pay the cost of the cost, but also not nothing, at least you got some experience. This was 5000 of the wages for you, perhaps is another kind of wealth accumulation. When you look back again this failure, maybe you will summarize what. A successful, I hope to see you! >  

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