Ding Tao Division Robin Li should be as early as possible to dispel the idea of Baidu’s return to A

in traditional Chinese medicine, which we often talk about the word is this man, sleep quality is easy to make a mistake on the wrong, to make the wrong exposition and judgment".

This is not

, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently because of fatigue long time, irregular sleep, plus the share price fell by investors brought pressure, began to take the bad. In an interview with the media, Baidu CEO Robin Li, Baidu will be completely delisted from the United States, return to the domestic A-share market A.

chaos game, complete chaos game! 10 years ago the United States sprint capital market, its share price soared 350% to make history become the focus of the world of Baidu, this time actually because American landing market does not understand its O2O strategy, and capricious said it would withdraw from the capital market in the United States, return China listed A shares.


of course, to my understanding of Robin Li, his views may be in a specific context and environment said, then the media at home and abroad a lot after adding the trimmings formed the current hot lead "Baidu will be delisted from the United States, China regression A shares" this article a gimmick to attract eyeball articles. But even so, I would suggest Robin Li at this moment completely to dispel the erroneous ideas of the return of A shares, firm and continue to believe that the U.S. stock market (the opinion and patriotic or not, the network spray please bypass), with practical action and performance to explain everything, to the four quarter of the three season, the United States stock market will recognize their O2O layout performance.

A shares in the face of China’s global market share

Robin Li had a high fever and a lot of people followed by a high fever. This wholesale high fever people ignore a basic common sense: A shares in the face of the Chinese market, and the United States is not only facing the U.S. market, but also the global market.

a long time ago, I called for the A stock market open as soon as possible, to allow foreign enterprises in the capital to allow foreign investors, the true sense of participation in the global competition, it can really attract the best listed companies return China. But this year we see A shares, though there are signs of opening, but the short two or three years gone, A shares in the first half of this year, the bull market also has a lot of water in the. However, stocks are different, compared to U.S. stocks A more mature, the whole system is also more perfect and more stable, less affected by policy intervention, that is good in the U.S. stock market, the company’s share price performance in the long run will be good. The U.S. stock investors from around the world, imagination many times greater than the A shares, so the stocks gave birth to too many myths and impossible (of course, Chinese A shares are also called capital myth, such as the A stock market storm, this storm will have time to come again, not here talk about).

Robin Li as long as the confidence of Baidu’s performance and the layout of the O2O can grow, it should be more open trust in the U.S. stock market, although the U.S. stock market in 2015, China’s Star stock market capitalization of the company

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