Pig eight quit network 40 million yuan investment in the establishment of intellectual property netw

[TechWeb] news service reported in December 10th, Crowdsourcing platform pig network today announced 40 million yuan investment in intellectual property community Sibo network, and Sibo network’s patent business platform fast wisdom and the original "pig pig pig which has been integrated into intellectual property".


pig eight quit network 40 million yuan investment speculation network established eight quit intellectual property

According to

zhubajie.com disclosed data show that as of now, trademark, patent, copyright and other pig 100 thousand classifications of agents, the monthly turnover of over 15000.

pig network founder and CEO Zhu Mingyue said, before the pig network is the earliest form of commission, 20% trading commissions, then according to the grade of membership by different commission standards, but the current China Internet environment in terms of payment does not form a climate, all from last platform Commission, which makes the rapid increase in the size of trading platform. Among them, the protection of intellectual property rights involving more and more. The establishment of eight quit intellectual property rights is also the beginning of the network to the evolution of intellectual property rights.

previously, pig eight quit network announced into the field. According to Zhu Mingyue introduction, pig eight quit network has begun to layout eight quit finance, eight quit project, eight quit printing, eight quit generation accounts and other segments.

at the same time, pig network also announced that the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Research Institute of Electronic Science and technology information, involving small and micro enterprise development research, high-end intellectual property rights, electronic copyright and other aspects.

, according to the new division of pig network CMO division revealed that the pig eight quit network in the future will highlight the development of mobile terminal products, and will be officially enabled zbj.com, complete the brand upgrade.

in June this year, the pig network announced a total of 2 billion 600 million yuan C round of financing, valuation of over $11 billion. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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