January third weeks of each country ORG domain name ranking China ranks sixth

IDC China Review Network 01 reported on 25 May, according to data released by WebHosting.info, as of 2013 01 month 21 days, the United States.ORG domain name registration, a total of 6223457, ranking first in the world’s countries in the total.ORG domain name. Ranked second in Germany,.ORG domain name registration total of 590406, while the total number of Chinese.ORG domain names registered in the top sixth in the top 137582. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the global number of.ORG domain name registration.


Figure 1: the total number of countries in the world.ORG domain name TOP10 (2013-01-21)

As shown in figure, the top ten countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, France, China, Spain, Italy, Australia and Holland.

in the.ORG domain name on the total amount, the United States has been on the top 6 million.ORG, shake the lead; while the rest of the country’s total.ORG domain names are less than 1 million. Among them, the German.ORG domain names ranked second, followed by the british.


figure two: TOP10 ranking of the world’s total.ORG domain name (2013-01-21)

as shown in Figure two, the total number of.ORG domain names registered in the United States for third weeks in January added 1767, accounting for the country’s top five domain names (.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ) of the total of 7.8056%. And then the.ORG domain name ranked Germany, reached a total of 590406, accounting for 9.1211%. China ranked sixth,.ORG domain name for the total of 137582, accounting for the proportion of 2.3459%.

in the third week of January the net increase in the amount of contrast.ORG domain,.ORG domain names to various countries around the world in a statistical Top10, in addition to Germany, Canada and Australia.ORG total domain of negative growth, the rest of the.ORG domain are growth is good. Among them, the largest increase in the United States, up to 1767; followed by China, in January the new third week 1100.

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