nternet black May strikes NetEase Alipay Ctrip series of downtime

Internet Security in the last two days very hot topic. Following the "Alipay cable accident", and Ctrip’s official website APP also suffered paralysis, so that its stock price plummeted. The Internet security accident on May were reviewed and discussed in detail, and also lists a set of figures: in 2014, there are 95 countries affected by the impact of Internet attacks, including 61 reported problems involving 79790 security incidents, more than 2 thousand confirmed data leakage. More than half of the top 500 companies have suffered hacker attacks, SONY, apple, JP Morgan Chase has been on the list. China’s regional information security problem is more serious, from 2011 to 2014 open Internet security incidents have led to the leakage of 1 billion 130 million user information. All these indicate that the security issue has been put on the agenda again.



yesterday "cable accident" finish has not dissipated, suddenly suffered heavy test data security. Ctrip because the server encountered an unknown attack, leading to Ctrip official website and APP cannot be used normally, according to compete in the network to understand, the crash did not recover until now. In May 11th, NetEase suddenly appeared a large area of service paralysis, NetEase news, cloud music, NetEase games and other services are not available. In May the giants one after another outage, people could not help but exclaim: This is the Internet black May


Ctrip and APP suddenly paralyzed, suspected of being attacked by

at 11 a.m. on May 28th, Ctrip official website (http://s.www.ctrip.com/) suddenly failure, the business has been unable to use 09. The site is being repaired. As of press time, Ctrip APP and PC client home page can be seen, but the other specific page is shown 404 reported wrong. The official website of the home page shows Ctrip war is currently experiencing problems, apologize, is an emergency repair. You can visit: eLong Travel notice. Up to now, Ctrip stock prices plummeted 11.67%, reported $72. According to Ctrip first quarter earnings estimates, Ctrip downtime losses for the average of $1 million 64 thousand and 800 per hour, currently has more than $5 million in losses.

has invested about $400 million to invest in elong, Ctrip became its largest shareholder, currently estimated to account for 59.7% of the market share. This scale site so long downtime events do not see, this has sparked a lot of speculation. There are rumors that Ctrip hotel database across the board was physically removed. Sina claiming to be one of Ctrip’s @gongxifacai Yang’s friends said, all the nodes on the business code were killed, the business sector is busy deployment there. Colleagues around also feel strange, because the release of the logs are not, the specific reason is still in the investigation, I guess there is insider retaliation".

and according to Lei Feng suspected of carrying

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