Baidu 315 home page chain exposure line of text on the illegal website of 168



sun exposure 168 illegal action false website (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) March 14th news, Baidu today launched the 315 special action series of the largest efforts to promote network security. March 14th Baidu home page will continue for 3 days on the theme of "secure Internet, from here!".

according to reports, any access to Baidu home users, just click on the page text links, you can enter directly from Baidu and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly prepared the sunshine action project page, including "exposure", "I have a complaint", "Internet security knowledge home forum. This has become the longest time ever Baidu home page text chain promotion.

into the topic page, in the most prominent position "exposure" section, Baidu first exposure of 168 illegal promotion and false and bad information sites, these sites are reported by the users or the media, and the Baidu supervision department after offline processing, which includes the illegal information website has to the public security business department report.

first exposure of the site mainly covers the ticket sales, medical, mobile phone recharge, home appliance repair, lottery and other false information in the field of high incidence of false information.

Baidu relevant responsible person said that the network governance is bad and the false information and illegal promotion of customer review is a long-term work of Baidu, the exposure table is actually the background process pushed to the front of Internet users, in the future we will regularly publish the illegal sites, hoping to help users identify false information in web search. At the same time, we also provide a complaint channel and secure internet education sector, I hope the Internet users can participate in, improve safety awareness of the Internet, along with maintaining a healthy and harmonious network environment."

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