The use of Baidu brings big traffic list

      in fact, Chinese off at first in the process of website promotion is also used this trick, set up a column in the "ring forum", and then call their friends or publish something inside, mainly for Baidu, let him bring you huge traffic. Here is a simple talk.

      many stations although Baidu included, but from Baidu to IP are rare, so I can teach you a good way to use the Baidu Chinese Search Ranking (, released some of the content on your website, content title must contain a keyword in billboard as a result, the probability, your web search to users on the most, you may ask the other web pages also have such keywords, Baidu and Google are listed according to the list of keywords, you enter a key word, and the key agreement and the quantity is much, it will be in the front row, so you put the key in the title page, you should also put a few more keywords in the first paragraph of the page, because the search engine is to list the directory page title and network Combination of the beginning of the page. In addition, it is noteworthy that the web content you add is best related to your site in the column, if you’re in a technical column, add some to Li Yuchun for the keyword ", then you will be your user scolded, and Baidu will suspect you cheat, this is The loss outweighs the gain..
      how to determine the keywords, to my forum as an example, my forum is about to give up smoking and drinking, gambling and drug addiction, no ranking of the rankings, but my forum there is a plate on some hot news (such a column), hearsay I chose from Baidu billboard in the competition is not very intense, but the flow is also good (one day there are hundreds or thousands of IP), you can also choose the top 50, and then copy keywords to find relevant keywords for the page, it will go to their site. Soon, you will find that the input keyword, your website in the top 10.

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