Ministry of culture the standard animation site barrage the establishment of illegal enterprise blac

: the Ministry of culture will regulate the animation website establishment of illegal enterprise blacklist


[TechWeb] December 4th news reports, the Ministry of culture recently announced, will be deployed to carry out the twenty-second batch of illegal Internet cultural activities investigation work, the investigation focused involves two aspects: one is the mobile phone game platform game products, two is the network animation website provide animation products.

Liu Qiang, deputy director of the Ministry of culture market

pointed out that in order to let users participate in comments, some animation site Tucao function, without limiting and filtering on the content, will intensify efforts to investigate.

Liu Qiang said that some users indulge in acrimony, vulgar words diffuse in the works, forming a chain reaction of bad interaction. According to the characteristics of Internet and often clean up after a resurgence, will establish "illegal enterprise blacklist system" in the next step, for repeated investigations repeat offenders enterprises according to the law to increase penalties.

it is understood that the Ministry of culture announced a list of alleged operations containing prohibited content online game 11 units and suspected of violating the contents of some of the network animation site list.

Liu Qiang pointed out that the next step, the Ministry of culture will be clear facts of the case, the evidence of illegal units, the completion of the relevant administrative punishment procedures, so that the administration according to law. Two is the timely release of specific punishment results. Three is the deployment of the national culture of law enforcement agencies, the illegal network of animation products and game products to conduct a general inspection and point to point cleaning. The four is to establish a blacklist of illegal enterprises, repeated investigations of enterprises according to the law to increase penalties.

at the same time, Liu Qiang hope to be investigated and dealt with by the enterprise to learn lessons, to further improve the content of the self examination system, a clear content of self audit standards, strengthen the training of self audit personnel. Trade associations and other social organizations should also play the role of self-discipline, to achieve social cohabitation, and jointly resist illegal Internet cultural products. (Ming Yu)

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