EBay king returns Secret CEO Donaho 5 years of reversal of the road

Beijing on February 9th news, eBay CEO and John · Donaho (John Donahoe) is leading the once fame eBay, a blockbuster nirvana. Over the past year, the company’s stock rose 70%, while annual revenue grew by 21%. With Donaho keen insight, and the success of eBay made in PayPal, the mobile e-commerce giant, the once decline, achieved a stunning return of the king. Foreign media, introduced John · and he served as CEO’s 5 years, led the way back through the eBay.

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CEO John · Donaho, steering for eBay reverse

"I want to take you on a journey." In the distance eBay headquarters a few miles of the San Jose Civic venues, together with more than 2500 employees eBay. They CEO John · Donaho stood on the table, "close your eyes," he called to his highly magnetic baritone voice, "please remember this year, your team is most proud of is what?" later, Donaho began reviewing his 8 years in eBay, which five years, he wore the title of the company CEO.

although he was in Ireland, Germany and other parts of the United States at the eBay meeting, also made a similar speech. But the winter in the morning of December, he is still fondly tells the story, his voice mixed with a bit of confession taste, recalled once a memorable moment, then he was somewhat shaken, one evening in June 2008, before coming to Chicago eBay sellers meeting him in reflection. Less than a month ago, he had just given the eBay fee structure, has brought enormous changes, and sellers were completely angered. Some people even made a video on YouTube, the hobby Dona made "Schindler’s list" of the Nazi soldiers. "I was sitting in the hotel room that night thinking about whether it was worth it,"


successful career CEO Donaho led eBay transformation


eBay is no longer just an auction, Marketplaces, payment, GSI Commerce is the three largest source of revenue.

five years later, Donaho finally found the answer to the question. Under his leadership eBay has undergone a significant shift from the beginning of the design, the focus on the online auction site, and gradually developed into a full-service

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