Dai Zhikang sent a message to talk about the sale of Kang Sheng rumors and facts vary greatly

August 23rd morning news, for the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng gen, Comsenz founder and CEO Dai Zhikang (blog) this morning to send staff to internal mail for a response, he did not directly confirm the sale, but said it would "and the Tencent reached a series of multiple dimensions, close cooperation", "change integration and so far has not fully started, but did not complete or end", and said the rumors and facts "is a huge difference".

the following is the full text of the message:

dear fellow students:

in recent years, with the rapid growth of the number of Internet users, the Internet began to penetrate into all aspects of people’s lives, like the "water" and "electricity", to create great value for all aspects of people’s lives. A sign of maturity of the industry is the establishment of the industrial chain and value system, the Internet industry is the same. The current and expected future, different Internet practitioners (including large companies, small companies, and even individuals and grassroots grassroots), will establish more and more clear positioning and division of labor. In this new pattern of industry, I think, China’s Internet and the new era will come.

in the face of the rapid development of the industry, we are pleased to recognize and actively respond to, this is the key element of our community and in the field of the past years to go beyond ourselves and keep ahead. In the coming months, we will work with a rigorous and pragmatic spirit, also has the largest China high viscosity user group Internet Co reached a series of close cooperation, dimensions, and serve as an opportunity for our products and services, injection of fresh blood, we began to a new journey.


Comsenz since birth, we always in self transcendence, tenacious struggle on the road, challenge and break. We have experienced the 2005 Brokeback style free, ushered in the rapid development of the next several years. Today, once again the self transcendence and change, will become the cornerstone of our writing industry history, create new miracle.

we will follow the original style and route of Kang Sheng, in the free, open, innovative and win-win way, go deeper, farther. We will focus on Discuz, and around the webmaster, long-term continuous improvement of the entire product system and supporting services for our customers to create a better experience and greater value.

the world, the only constant is change. We believe that in the process of change, challenge the process of doing everything, will enable us to obtain a broader space for their own development and a greater degree of being loved by users and recognized by the market. Hope that after a few years back, we do today, we can make our users become better, more harvest. And now, just as it was 9 years ago, when Discuz was born, it was so painful, but more comforting.

though there are some speculation and rumors, but with the fact.

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