Social networking sites in the direction of growth in the case of unknown profit bottleneck

news January 29th, giants think tank released the latest data show that in November last year the majority of user generated content sites (i.e. User Generated Content, hereinafter referred to as UGC) appeared in the overall decline in the number of users covered. Crack network analysis, is due to enter the traditional off-season, the number of tourists is greatly reduced, so the influence to the UGC type site visit rate, and that with the arrival of the Spring Festival travel season, February data may usher in a new high.

from the 15 giants think tank monitoring site in the second half of 2012 performance, ant cellular travel network, travel together and donkey Assessment Network 3 performance is relatively stable, the number of users covered is significantly higher than the other dozen sites, to fourth ranked poor travel network as an example, in December 2012 the number of users covered 142 people / million (the number of people visiting per million Alexa users), ranked third in the low 43.9% and donkey assessment network, ant cellular travel network user coverage per million people, the number of 313 people, is still the domestic online travel website UGC list.

compared to the second half of last year by Ctrip and elong leader like a raging fire price war, the development of the tourism review sites is not always into the public view, the development of land in a small circle in the unknown to the public. If the world’s largest travel review site TripAdvisor ((NASDAQ:TRIP)) as a reference, tourism review site should be quite money scene". TripAdvisor after the acquisition of Expedia, in the end of 2011 independent spin off, the current valuation of $5 billion 300 million.

in the country, tourism social networking sites are still struggling to survive, did not find their own profit model. In March 20th last year, the windmill net by high-profile and elong cooperation on the line, that is a focus on the field of tourism social platform, to "unite your travel" as the goal, has caused the industry of tourism social networking pattern of a new round of discussion. In May 17th last year, the collapse of the windmill network announced the dissolution of the team, only experienced less than two months, the crash rate is even more amazing.

and social networking sites in the tourism market ranked first mafengwo in the second half of last year, there are rumors that it will be $15 million B round of financing, and now this round of financing are not below.

lack of accurate information UGC

in China, online travel website Ctrip to provide air tickets, hotels, vacation booking service, through the Commission as the source of profit, known as online travel (OTA) mode; and vertical travel search sites "where to go" as the representative of the same product, seek to serve as the core in the field of reservation divide the site; the third is travel Raiders, reviews, QiongYou, cellular ant is one of the representatives, the profit model is relatively fuzzy. The third model is characterized by the initiation of consumer travel intention to information collection, and access

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