Personal website Viralnova com popular secret Aiming at the spread of Facebook female users pain poi is a personal website established in May 2013, the site is currently in the United States a number of technology blog exposure is very high, we all feel that this site is a small miracle.

The reason is that this

personal website was established only 8 months, but the independent user visits every day in more than 2 million, the monthly income is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this site only 3 maintenance, 2 of which are part-time. this site did not take any VC investment, there is no new technology, is a simple BLOG system to build a personal website.

why such a simple personal website can be done in 8 months: every day, about 2000000 of independent access to the user, the monthly income of hundreds of thousands of dollars?. some key data:

1 Alexa world ranking of 376

2 month visit users more than 100 million

3.Facebook has 1 million 100 thousand fans

4 operating costs are very low, very profitable, monthly income has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars

5.100% from Google Adsense advertising revenue (very cheap advertising)

6 only 3 people to operate, in addition to the founder is full time, the other 2 are part-time

7 does not have any analysis of investment, all of which is the founder of their own funds

8 was established only for 8 months, these data is very cattle B, then this site is doing what? site positioning

The location of the website is very simple: share interesting, loving, and valuable stories around the world. But if it is only through the website to spread these content, it is impossible to do so quickly so many users, then he is through what spread it?

through Facebook sharing, viral traffic sources have 60.7% from Facebook, only about from GOOGLE (GOOGLE included only about 9000 pages), it is estimated that there are more than 30% users directly enter the url.


Facebook traffic accounted for the largest, basically through the Facebook users to share the contents of the site out. Why are these users hot >

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