To join the network launched a donation to the earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan

no one had expected, 2008, so dogged by bad luck. February raging snowstorm, the cracking of the Chinese earth; the March riots in Tibet that burn a beautiful holy land; the April Olympic torch relay blocked, stabbed Chinese to the world with open arms; while in May, Jiaoji railway train collided and crashed many travelers dream; suddenly spread all over the country children hand foot and mouth disease. The parents heart tangled; now Sichuan earthquake vibration transmission and Southeast Asia, and the soul of the whole Chinese shake……


will be the hearts of all the children of the Yellow Emperor affects, at this critical moment, let us join hands to transfer a love, support and blessing for the victims, let us pray for the people in the disaster areas, and more practical action to help the affected people and as quickly from the ruins to stand up. Our compatriots in the heart, body, we need to unite and organize for people in the disaster relief and reconstruction work, contribute to a force! A person’s strength is small, but Chinese thousands on thousands of together is infinite! We appeal to together with our limited power unlimited energy, assistance to disaster relief and reconstruction work! Can be 5 yuan, can be 10 yuan, the key is not in this figure, the key lies in that we are together as Chinese the blood China


as we work on the internet. Can not go to the rescue, not to do something for the disaster area, we use their meager strength to send a little warmth to the disaster area. To join the network ( auction top gold ad 3 semi annual (prior to advertising 3000/ months),

auction donation, we will raise all the funds, unified to the name of your company China donated to the Red Cross and in the next six months time, free to do publicity for your company, do the reports.

as a host in the face of disaster, we are more social responsibility, pay attention to the disaster, concerned about the disaster area, do their best to support the disaster in front of a friend!

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