Entrepreneurs emotion pay should be return is not necessary

      pay will be rewarded? Pay should be rewarded? I thought so once, even hugged the God of injustice. With a little bit of the growth of the company, this mentality instead cool: you should pay the return is not necessary; if you pay no return, that are not enough to pay.

      remember the first time to see investors when preparing a PPT, white, 5 pages, I consider myself very hard, to all the key points are listed one by one, ready to investors, not half said it was interrupted, the back is polite greetings and hurried goodbye; go back to their own review, feel that their ideas and the performance of PPT has a problem, structure and partner repeatedly cut Moldova documents and forms. The impression was the big adjustment 12 times, and finally formed a more than 20 pages of things, the V13 version was used up, see friends, investors, staff training have been used. About three months later, because of the requirements of investors (US investors kind, tolerate our ceaseless progress, we took the PPT) and it changes, my partner and I have the same feeling: the original version of V13 do too bad. Until recently, we have modified once, is the current version of the V15, investors look to give a feedback: 100 times stronger than the previous version.

      in fact, every big changes, we have done it all, from a process of modifying PPT, we see our own progress, whether it is to understand the project itself, the company’s internal operations, establishing process and external channels, is also in constant contact with investors.

      power line fast 2 months, criticism heard far more than praise, even some words make people difficult to accept. I encourage my colleagues to be kind to others. Not good is not good, go all out on behalf of others will not accept, perhaps go all out to do is a wrong thing. It is important to work on their own mentality, can constantly revise their ideas, speed up the pace of implementation. The most important is the core of the entrepreneurial team has a never give up the heart and continue to learn, improve their motivation.

      when I was chatting with my partner, I had the idea that, as an entrepreneur, how can I survive, develop and grow in the market? Startups have what? No money, no one, no resources, no experience, and some just entrepreneurial passion and time. Entrepreneurial passion is only superficial understanding is not enough, but also includes the focus of the project, dedication, compression, desire…… Entrepreneurs have to work far more than anyone else, my vision is an average of 12-14 hours a day. I believe that every entrepreneur will not joke about his career, but not

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