Cool 6 to push charging mode into the first to eat crab video website

Bianews1 22 news (text / Wang Jun) in today "is not genuine, six no future" news conference, cool six nets show since the end of the implementation of genuine procurement to spend huge sums of money to more than and 200 popular TV drama. After the interview, cool 6 network senior vice president Hao Zhizhong said, cool 6 may in the first half of this year to launch a number of charges move, if it is implemented, six network will become the first mainstream video sites try charging to eat crabs.

since the end of 09 six plans to use 100 million funds for the purchase of genuine TV drama since, just a month’s time, cool 6 has got hit and upcoming such as "a dream of Red Mansions", "marriage", the sphere of the "and many other movies and television exclusive network copyright, has been working with the more than and 100 party copyright just now, it has been the exclusive domestic popular TV drama 70% this year, and this number is likely to increase. No wonder the media on the spot Cool 6 will therefore form a new monopoly.

for the cool 6 has so many genuine resources, will implement the charging problem, Hao Zhizhong said, cool 6 may have some charges move in the first half of the year, because the cool 6 Club Hurray has very good platform and charging users, and for many years experience in multimedia distribution operations and it provides a better reference for Cool 6 charges.

but Hao Zhizhong said, cool 6 network charges must be established on the basis of completely genuine, as cool 6 network CEO Lee Shanyou said, built on piracy on traffic and business model will be a mirage. So cool 6 will continue to accelerate the process of genuine, the first half of the most important thing is the full implementation of genuine and in charge mode to do some preliminary action.

talked about the charges, Hao Zhizhong made special mention of domestic copyright status, think positive charges for the implementation of genuine into the premise is a good time to start the country began to force the intellectual property rights protection in the last year, in addition to some pirated video website is blocked, the beginning of this year a large number of BT download station is closed, P2P download pirated has been effectively curbed that will fundamentally eliminate the personal behavior on Internet piracy. In the past may not pay for a drama, because it can be downloaded free, but now there is no BT download, there will be more user base charges.

Hao Zhizhong also called for genuine industry can go better, if the domestic network video industry within six months of genuine road clear, cool 6 willing to purchase some of the film and television copyright distribution out.

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