Site navigation charm Law 30 digital domain name of the 6 categories

recently domestic domain two field digital domain has enabled the station site navigation station, to the public eye once again transferred to the pure digital domain name, how many choose to join the ranks of the digital domain name site navigation? Who are these navigation station digital domain! The following from the character cut, to understand the digital domain under large site navigation under the. domain name application in the navigation station


Digital domain

single character and double character because of its short and rare, very precious, at present, these two types of digital domain name application is relatively small, and the application in site navigation is more scarce, however, there are still short domain name application in Web site navigation, 46 site navigation station, 2 digital short, easy to remember and favorable promotion, saying the domain name or people from overseas platform last year purchased, not difficult to guess, the domain name transaction price should be not cheap ah! The domain name registered in 1998, has been 13 years since the registration time, the mainstream domain name suffix domain name has been registered.

master hand 3 digital domain name to build a navigation station


recently enabled webmaster 3 character digital domain name on-line launch site navigation station, concern, the domain name or the webmaster commissioned intermediary platform Chinese renamed acquisition! domain name registered in 1998, 13 years have elapsed since the history of the registration, the hand also held over the same period a 3 character digital domain name, the domain name is site navigation station, this station is visible, optimistic about the digital domain name used in the navigation. In addition, there are many other 3 characters in the digital domain name applied to the site navigation station, such as the 369 navigation station (digital domain name multiples of 3), 657 customers, CN domain (personalized navigation navigation station by fame) and 420 site etc..

4 digital domain name site navigation station applications are mostly


ylmf four recently even ordered the domain name on-line site navigation station, and a good application in the digital domain four site navigation station, four digital block types, there are only 7 in the world, this kind of domain name is precious, presumably ylmf domain name acquisition is expensive! Interestingly, four digital domain name the station also uses a suffix, also happens to be a site navigation station, you can not find the site Oh! In addition, in 7 only even order tetramerous domain, and the other two were application site navigation station, such as the 2345 site navigation station and Navigation > 6789.

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