Soft promotion can be compared with SEO

soft Wen promotion and SEO is one of the important means of network marketing. SEO search engine marketing is a big trend, unless you can change the habits of Internet users, or you can never get rid of the search engine, but I think the promotion of soft Wen can also be compared with SEO.

never really tried to write soft article promotion, do not know the legend of the miraculous. But with the current to operate the site, in order to promote the site to increase the chain, to Admin5 webmaster to write some articles, also gradually feel the soft promotion of this type of marketing is very effective, good effect beyond my expectation. I think the effect of the promotion of soft and SEO can be comparable, even more than SEO! I extend my sales website template, a few words are routed to the Baidu top five, I use 51 statistics, from the statistical view, from Baidu to flow is not too much, Google is less, however see article (including reprint articles) to find our customers are very much, and most of them are with the intention of customers. Generally write a good soft Wen, reproduced a few words, which also contains a useful information, and implied advertising information, should be able to bring a lot of customers. Every time I write a soft Wen can find at least 35 customers, of course, it is best to promote the use of soft and SEO alternately, complement each other, so that can play the role of the promotion of soft


soft Wen promotion writing premise is certainly feel for, worth writing, in the process of their business will naturally or half unconsciously introduce. For example, through the case introduced method, through their own business experience, their business to show the most appropriate left. See below, the second paragraph above, I have nine introduced what I do business, ha ha, the equivalent of doing advertising! In fact, the most important soft promotion it should not be inside advertising, but you really convey what is valuable. As a TV advertisement, men want to own a little hard, because feel something or say a little too, so remember this sentence, and then remember Qipai menswear. However, some soft, keywords continuously, one can know your advertising intention, this farfetched promotion effect is not so good.

: soft Wen can go to some Baidu update the web site; also can be put in the community, the community traffic, see more people, publicity should play out; of course put through the blog is also a good choice. The best soft to vote to the appropriate content area, in order to arouse more people’s resonance, so as to find more customers. Usually learn more about what you are in the industry generally go to the website or forum, the site records, and then regularly to the relevant local published soft.

soft Wen promotion this way, you can reduce the dependence on Baidu, the soft Wen promotion effect into play, and SEO hand in hand, can increase the weight of your network marketing.

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