How to take the small and medium sized enterprises in the network marketing of the road

small and medium enterprises and the scale of capital are relatively small, the first foothold to play their own piece of heaven and earth in the market, that is the first to resolve the issue of profit, due to the small and medium-sized enterprises generally cannot spend a lot of money in the network marketing, which requires small and medium enterprises in network marketing to be considered a "clever"! How to get more promotion costs less volume, this paper aims to provide some feasible suggestions for the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is the way, to explore new methods of network marketing.

first, determine the promotion objectives and principles.

small and medium sized enterprises are different from the big brand companies, whether business entities or virtual products in small and medium enterprises are supposed to boost sales as the center, no sales promotion is failed, and the different focus on Brand Company’s brand awareness and brand culture propaganda etc.. Promotion objectives and promote the principle that enterprises in different stages of development is different, in the early stage of enterprise development, should pay attention to market sales, after having a certain share of the user, can begin to consider brand warfare and culture station, I think it should be in the different period of development and formulate corresponding marketing strategy according to the enterprise its own characteristics, namely small and medium enterprises should make use of all resources and promote the skills of all the energy used in the upgrading of product sales, sales LED, supplemented by brand.

secondly, clear the customer base, where is my customer?

to marketing to maximize the value of the first step is to clear the enterprise product of the audience, which requires enterprises to develop the main user groups through product features, according to the analysis results, choose the main marketing groups, such as the enterprise is glass sales, so the audience is generally considered the enterprise procurement staff, characteristics of these people go to B2B or industry information website to obtain information, so the marketing center will tend to the platform, and not focus on some of the websites and forums of no great importance.

once again, for the target population to develop efficient implementation of the promotion.

method 1: if as stated above, if the glass production enterprises, so you can go to the related B2B platform release enterprise product information, or through the SNS platform for the industry, WeChat or micro-blog platform from the vast crowd locked the precise user.

2: the establishment of industry related media platform, the so-called "media advance", if the enterprise can have a self media platform, every release of authoritative information industry, it will attract a large number of related people’s attention, to the enterprise product post marketing will help.

method 3: by means of competitive ranking to obtain high-quality accurate crowd.

competitive ranking to consider bidding word choice, marketing website construction, the choice for words related to the marketing cost size, for example, some search volume but high moisture for word can be appropriate to choose from, and some of the more popular words, the benefits of doing so can enter >

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