Summarize several methods and experience of the Forum

one, go to other forums propaganda skills:

1, forum material: the most popular elements, the latest hot events

I put this understanding for the forum of the facade, like hotels, shopping malls, regardless of how the inside of the food, the quality of goods, but must have a good appearance, let a person find everything fresh and new, there is a want to check the impulse. So you have to understand the present users love to see what? What? What is the most popular now, the latest hot issues? For example: some time ago the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, now the milk powder incident, are very attractive to users of the hot events.

if you can not judge what is now the hottest elements of the hottest, recommend the following methods: 1, referring to Baidu, YAHOO, Sogou keywords ranking. What is the most popular, where you can find the answer. 2, pay attention to the major portals of entertainment headlines, which is the best place to reflect the popular elements. 3, the number of major video network ranking. Because the major events are basically in the form of video released on the network. Of course, if the ability of the webmaster, you can also spoof some of the hot events, such as: V brother spoof, Hu Ge spoof Wuji, etc., these original content, can bring to the webmaster is not a small flow (


2, and walking pornographic material

shisexingye, appetite and sexual desire are the human nature, in short, now the network is full of pornographic contents, as a new forum webmaster, we can not willing to drop it after.

so find some of the more passionate pictures or video sent to, no matter what the time, there will be a lot of people concerned, so that the content to stimulate the netizens who peripheral it!

in here also say, this kind of pornography edge ball, must not be too exposed, so it is best to some celebrity stars, gossip, such as: Zhang Yu sex video, Moumou star exposed such content, because the content as yellow video, plus it is the relationship between celebrities and stars, no matter lewd men and women do not lust, see this title, driven by curiosity, can not help but come to see.

finally said, so many popular elements, attractive theme, in time to the forum, must choose the popular forum posting publicity, and posting this version and reply is very popular, so your post, is likely to sink to the bottom, then you need to register more than a few vests in the forum, when post sink, to reply, so that your posts back to the front, allowing more users to see your posts. This is very important, don’t send the post on the matter, that you are working hard to find the material, most likely no echo in the vast multitude of posts, that all the efforts will be in vain!

two, other network promotion techniques


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