Blog six months ranked 6300% promotion experience

blog formally launched in March 21st this year, as of now the average daily IP900; maximum daily IP3501; alexa=51539. Blog ranking rose 6300% in half a year.

recently a few friends in my blog message said let me introduce how to promote the blog. Since everyone has said, I can not avoid. Then I will introduce my blog promotion method.

when you read this article, you need to understand the meaning of a word: key factors. There are many ways to promote the site, but as a personal webmaster, you can not do one by one, website promotion methods and hundreds of species, learning a lot of species, but really only one or two. At this point we need to find the key factors to the development of the site is indeed the focus of growth. Click here to see what I understand is the key factor?

The use of

1 QQ group website promotion

my blog is officially opened in March 21st the independent domain name, until the evening of the second day there are more than and 100 IP access to the station, I have asked people how to do? In fact, the reason is very simple, my website promotion in the QQ group, QQ group to promote the benefits that you can quickly see the effect.

because of my three " I am a designer " QQ group, has nearly 4 years of history, and every day dozens of people to join the group, I am the designer QQ group is very active. So the use of these three add up to a total of 600 people QQ group, I posted a group of e-mail and group announcements in the past to buy some of the previous design materials and website source code, and in the compressed package to join their blog links. So we have to download the resources, but also some people visit my blog.

2 sincere application links

friendship is the site of the promotion of the essential one, my blog guestbook almost every day will receive the request of the link. There are many ways to find links, you can find a lot of search engines. But I only use a method that is the cheek to find the website directly or send messages, E-mail application link directly. So the quality of the link is relatively high, most of the sites do not link the phenomenon of cheating, but a little cumbersome, and very easy to be rejected by others.

that was when I wrote a paragraph that I thought I was sincere:

we can do a friendship connection? Hope we learn together with the development of I have to do a good connection to you, in the lower right corner of the home page.

3 soft Wen promotion, the article released to the relevant website

followed by writing a few articles, and soon released to the webmaster nets, Adsense station, red moving forum, and some sites, design related websites and forums. You need to pay attention to is that my blog for the user base is the webmaster and

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