O2O owners Business Classics light water to earn a few hundred thousand a district

daily economic news reporter Yang Lingqiang from Shanghai

"you can take a picture with me?" in July 25th, when the town holding senior vice president Ouyang Jie in the morning after a keynote speech, immediately attracted a large number of fans to follow the VIP lounge, scenes quite like star exit momentum.

Ouyang Jie is the cause of concern is his keynote speech – Silver 20 years ago with the community service O2O wind up. Ouyang Jie in the report, the community will be the future of the real estate business O2O new gold". He invited a hot, it is those who accepted his views and optimistic about the market, leveraging the platform as soon as possible residential property vendors.

whether developers or vendors have realized that the community will be a more down to earth than the traditional Internet sales platform.

community property in the big data

in the color of life before the listing, most of the developers of the property management business is always sniff at the door. A research director of Hong Kong enterprises said that housing prices in Hongkong after so many years we all know that it is not possible to make money and property management business.

, however, the mainland real estate companies do not see. Biguiyuan brand director Lin Weiying said they Wuguan system people are responsible for the analysis, if each year by the owners Biguiyuan Wuguan system consumption 10 thousand yuan, it will be a big business sales s..

Ouyang Jie also holds the same view, he cited an example of Shanghai real estate enterprises because of the property management of housing construction area, with vacant houses as a temporary warehouse of bottled water, the Shanghai multiple brands of bottled water, water barrel earn a yuan of money price, the results of a year down light bottled water has made hundreds of thousands of yuan of profits.


, hundreds of thousands of yuan of annual net profit of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in real estate business, but is an utterly inadequate measure, if coupled with other many littles make a mickle., commodity sales, value-added services in bottled water, then the expected profit will indeed be very considerable, and this is only a small profit on sales. As Ouyang Jie said in a keynote report, the developers of the most valuable asset is through a large number of owners accumulated tens of years of development, the owners each consumption scale can reach trillion yuan level.

in the past years, it is also relying on these owners, developers can rapidly expand. Ouyang Jie said that under normal circumstances, the sale of old with new (that is, old customers with new customers) can reach about 30% of the proportion of individual regions can reach 40%~50%, the value of the owners can be seen.

is also more important, the owners have become one of the most basic real estate development data sources. Owners in the new town, a considerable part of the owners have to replace the housing, improve the living conditions of the stage. The needs of the owners and the corresponding data can be collected through the property, analysis, and then to the development of the Department,

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