Amazon opened China Meiya cross border electricity supplier will lift the price war

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shuai Pengkun reports: since last year, the domestic electricity supplier industry started cross-border electricity supplier after the start of the gun, Amazon China’s part of the business is full speed. Yesterday, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned from Amazon China, just six months, Amazon China overseas purchase of selected products has increased from 100 thousand to 2 million 500 thousand. Amazon vice president Chinese Niu Yinghua told Yangcheng Evening News reporter interview revealed that at the end of June the Amazon China website will be fully open with the Amazon website, consumers can use Chinese Chinese interface to purchase all 25 categories of international commodity. At the same time, the upcoming opening of Germany and Japan direct mail business. Positive year, cross-border electricity supplier will set off a big promotion, which is the first large-scale cross-border price war, has become the biggest difference between this year and previous years.

Niu Yinghua

according to the published data, as of yesterday, the number of goods purchased the Amazon sea has increased from the end of 100 thousand to 2 million 500 thousand, which makes the Amazon Chinese become the largest number of cross-border electricity supplier selection. Niu Yinghua revealed to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter: "by the end of June, Amazon will China and Amazon will open up all the selected category will grow by 23 to the current 25." Niu Yinghua also said it is actively promoting the German Amazon, Amazon and Amazon China website to get through.

for Amazon overseas purchase support limited means of payment problems, the relevant sources, the future does not rule out the Amazon and Alipay, WeChat and other overseas purchase cooperation.

6· 18 is coming, including Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electricity providers are actively preparing for the year to promote. The Amazon China, Tmall and many vertical electricity supplier has put the focus on cross-border areas. Amazon China also announced yesterday 2015 big promotion and the first global Carnival opening huge benefits.

at the end of May, Tmall international has announced that it will be the end of the year to promote the mother, cosmetics, health care products, such as the focus of the import of the whole category gradually achieve global supply chain integration. Previously, including the malt baby, NetEase’s koala sea purchase, such as mother and daughter vertical cross border electricity supplier has launched a price war.

this time, in addition to the Amazon China, Tmall international, the above vertical class electricity supplier also fully follow up, such as overseas shopping platform also announced that it will invest 100 million yuan to carry out the whole category price war. Niu Yinghua said: in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, the most difficult is the overseas supplier resources. Only to provide consumers with high-quality low-cost products and ensure massive logistics, is the ‘sea Amoy’."

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