Jiangxi three electronic commerce the crest of the tidal wave the rural electricity supplier Jingfe

the crest of the tidal wave of rural electricity supplier Jingfeng

— Jiujiang three Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Lu Yong

(Jiujiang Daily reporter Long Qun) those are not high, "80" can break a world of fighting in the sea. An outstanding representative of Jiujiang three Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Lu Yong is the "80".

with a remote villages suffering child; a dream teacher; an ordeal of migrant workers; a start empty-handed start-up; an electricity supplier rich guide; a young man full of positive energy." To describe Lu Yong is nothing. He is 33 years old this year, medium height, brow shining wisdom, modest, kind word, first impression is the battle is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, tiger. He used a forward thinking, daring courage and pragmatic work style, step by step to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Especially in recent years, he founded the home business electricity trading platform, driven by the legend of the broad masses of peasants out of poverty, let the people praise, let the local government pay more attention to.

Lu Yong in an interview with the television station

Phoenix venture spell a day

thirty is the golden stage of men, for life direction and success has great influence, Lu Yong is lucky, young small achievements, it is rare. But his success is the sweat and hardships for many years, which outsiders can not understand. Lu Yong told reporters about his entrepreneurial path, as if to return to the hard times in the past, when it comes to moving the eyes are red.

A poor peasant family

Lu Yong was born on 1983 in Xiushui county. When he looks smart, studious, learning, to help parents do some things. Parents see the sunrise and sunset, life rings with white and grey, early engraved, a sense of mission and responsibility are not in his young heart beat. He graduated from the normal school at Xiushui, with a solid knowledge in the port town and Ningbo city primary school, he taught students in the local rise above the common herd.


Lu Yong is a person unwilling to remain out of the limelight to go out, he, release your passion, create a better future. In 2003, he decided to give up the iron rice bowl, go out alone. Ten years, he start empty-handed, founded in 2007 by the hard pioneer, wide glue factory in Dongguan city. Under his careful management, in 2010, the company has become the country’s largest adhesive industry 500 companies, in 2014 was named "Guangdong Shou contract re credit enterprise".

companies embarked on a good track, Lu Yong will have a primitive accumulation, a happy life. But he felt that a person’s success is not successful, can lead a large number of people is the real success. So, he has led the 120 fellow out of business, by his selfless sharing and free training, guidance to help them master in.

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