Jingdong to logistics as the core business leveraging the development of a new model

China’s electricity supplier and logistics basically started at the same time, as early as ten years ago, it seems that the concept of logistics is still not very clear, but now the logistics in China has been around flowering, but on the whole it can not form a large brand with international influence and logistics, this is undoubtedly a huge flaw in China’s logistics industry, is also so, our business platform launched a self built logistics peak, especially in the early 2013 from the Jingdong, now Jingdong service brand, with rapid logistics based service model to set off a new round of war service, Jingdong began harvesting before the Spring Festival for the seed logistics.

logistics is one of the core competitiveness of the electricity supplier

development experience from abroad, Amazon is the most representative of the business enterprise, and we from the Jingdong’s body seems to see the shadow of the Amazon, Amazon was founded, its price and competitiveness than other electronic business platform, and in the long-term losses, but Amazon is in the most difficult it also did not give up the development of logistics, logistics service, Amazon launched a free end, in one fell swoop profitability, becoming the most successful enterprise for the business platform, from the success of Amazon’s trajectory, logistics has played an important role.

for the bright younger generation of Jingdong, seems to absorb the successful experience of the Amazon, and now it has been applied in the beginning, such as the introduction of the speed to the service, some City morning orders can arrive at the next afternoon delivery, part of the city will be able to arrive in this fast delivery service, apparently to attract more consumers. So this logistics service model is not a very high lethality!

logistics accuracy is the key competitiveness

logistics speed in a sense, just to meet the practical needs of the user, but the user through the electricity supplier platform shopping, but also hope to be able to accurately serve and products can be intact. In fact, the logistics speed faster, the pressure will then give the staff caused by the larger, so the problem of goods will be treated very prominent, from 2012 FELEX FedEx employees will display everywhere video attracted widely criticized by users, which in a sense, the speed is not the only factor, precision only is the key.

calls for personalized service, Jingdong has started building

in fact for some users, through the shopping business platform does not necessarily require businesses to fast delivery, but hope to be able to serve in a certain period of time, in other words is a kind of personalized service, it is very important for electronic business platform, because many users through a number of products shopping business platform is seen as a gift for others, then we hope to be able to arrive at a certain period of time, then this gift will be more meaningful, so the personalized service has been very common in the electricity industry. But from the current electricity supplier industry logistics status quo, almost no electricity supplier platform >

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