Jingdong in every competition each electricity supplier containment big promotion will melee cycle


Times News (reporter Li Bin) at the Jingdong store "6· 180 anniversary big promotion will begin, competitors in the Jingdong launched a stiffer mall. Yesterday, the Tencent electricity supplier’s fast and easy network announced that in June 17th on the anniversary of the Jingdong -19 mall climax "Lao special period, to carry out targeted promotional activities. Just the day before yesterday, suning.com also announced that from June 17th to 21 promotions, targeted self-evident.

in early June, the Jingdong announced a high-profile mall will host the largest 6· company "was founded 10 years ago; the 18 anniversary", and the previous "anniversary" upgraded to "Dian Qingyue", millions of goods will be phased in large promotional efforts. Jingdong mall senior vice president Xu Leifang said, the big promotion in preparation for more than two months, not afraid of the opponent spoiler.

watched more and more close to June 18th, the electricity supplier between the fight against the smell of gunpowder is also growing. The first is the ShangCheng Railway Station Jingdong accused Tmall of forcing businesses "one of two"; Tmall side denied, side announced that since pay 400 million yuan in cash to start big promotion in June; the day before yesterday, suning.com also announced a year anniversary date has been finalized, will start from June 17th to 21 for a period of 5 days and 5 nights of big promotion in addition, suning.com’s official website has settled nearly 100 thousand businesses to help out, the line of tens of thousands of home appliances, 3C, 100 and other well-known brands will also be synchronized to participate in.

yesterday, the Tencent electricity supplier’s fast and easy network also joined the melee, announced during the Jingdong mall on June 17th -19 Lao special activities will be launched close to the sniper moves, in addition to Jingdong mall promotional rhythm of the audience five fold promotions, will also upgrade the expensive to lose service initiatives — if items with consumers on June 17th -19 in the network fast and easy to buy than the Jingdong store expensive, fast and easy net users will pay double the difference, in an integral form returned to the user account. Yesterday, VANCL also announced that it will officially opened the prelude to "peak big promotion in June 18th.

how to look at the electricity supplier competition "on a big promotion will lead to melee" phenomenon? In this regard, Yi Xun network official said, in June this year is the electricity industry in the first half of the last concentration of price war, the major electricity supplier will not give up this opportunity, the Jingdong moves fast and easy network mall anniversary is hoping to keep off the momentum of rapid growth. However, the electricity supplier analysts pointed out that Zheng Ke, the Jingdong, Tmall mall and other electricity providers giant in the market before, in order to occupy the market, to do large-scale, another round of peibenzhuanyaohe price war, this development model is not sustainable burn. For consumers, they are most concerned about is the electricity supplier price war is not really the price last year, "8· 15 business wars", high-profile propaganda Jingdong mall, suning.com and other well-known business finally because of "price fraud" by the national development and Reform Commission of punishment, which has let the consumer trust in the electricity supplier price war greatly drop.

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