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web proxy server English full name is Web Proxy Server. Web proxy is a proxy server program on the web, its advantages without any setup, enter the URL choose a good proxy server can access the proxy access mode has become the most popular. Web proxy is a common agent. Web proxy to the client to provide remote web site on the web page and file cache, so that the client can more quickly and safely browse remote sites. Some web site to maintain a daily update, visit the link speed is relatively fast.

web proxy principle is received browser requirements of the remote web browsing time (browser client submitted URL), the agent to start on the current server for remote site cached web page and website, find the target site, the agent will immediately return the data to the user web browser client. If the remote server is the server cache, the agent will automatically read the remote site, will be submitted to the remote site data to the client at the same time, the data cache to provide a browsing demand. The proxy cache is automatically deleted based on the cache’s time, size, and extraction record. There are two ways to delete it. One is to delete the oldest data. The other is to delete the least extracted cache. These two methods can also be used in conjunction.

web proxy can also filter the contents of the remote web site. Some review software is also similar to the web proxy, some web content filtering. For some purposes or protection, some web proxy programs will rearrange the content of the web site. For example, Skweezer can rearrange the page to provide mobile phones and PDA browsing. These programs are usually written in PHP or CGI programming language. CGI prepared by the agent can hide the client’s IP, so users can achieve anonymous access to remote sites. PHP prepared by the agency uses 64 bit encryption technology, access through the HTTP class uses the fsockopen function to access the target URL, then get the HTML code, each one of these links with the prefix, so the browser still pictures all accessed via PhpProxy and CSS, JS file.

(web proxy), web proxy is a proxy server role with anonymous web proxy, the server operating online agent, can use this server as a springboard to browse the Internet, you can hide your true IP and information, the Internet more secure. We must can browse the website.

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