ntense competition in the market Taobao launched short message service

The biggest advantage of

in Taobao shopping is because the owner does not rent costs, so the price of goods is much cheaper than the traditional market. With the further development of Taobao, the price advantage will further increase the online shopping market to swallow the traditional market. Recently, Taobao has thrown a bomb: SMS parity service.

it is understood that the short message service is jointly launched by the two giants Taobao and China Mobile. This service is mainly for consumers in shopping malls, you can compare the price of Taobao products in real time. For example, consumers see the 1 favorite fashion in the mall, only to come up with a mobile phone, SMS editor "S brand models" sent to 106637213721, will soon be able to receive a receipt, the content is in the Taobao online paid the same clothes prices. In accordance with the feedback information analysis, this service has been a hot pursuit of Amoy friends, many white-collar workers to buy clothes in Taobao steps. However, with the emergence of parity, the mall’s sales fell significantly. This makes the store responsible person complain incessantly.

SMS parity launch, further shows the cost advantage of the shop, both highlight their own price advantage, but also highlights the cost of the traditional market. The SMS service charges price is only equivalent to the price of a message, so many consumers are optimistic about the goods after go to the mall, supermarket, edit the text comparing prices, if Taobao price above competitive advantage immediately disappear ". This loss of customers, so that the mall merchants worried.

but now the service is still in the testing stage, so only support China Mobile and some provinces use.

according to Taobao’s official said, SMS service is mainly for consumers to understand the price information in a timely manner to promote more rational consumption. Professionals believe that the introduction of SMS parity service, in order to further achieve the slogan shouted beyond WAL-MART. Taobao.com speed of development in recent years, surprisingly, almost exponentially soared, SMS service price and the introduction of the new fire, not only directly to the traditional market, but also a strong impetus for it to achieve its own development goals.

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