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technology news (Ming Xuan) June 5th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Tuesday, after several years of continuous development quietly, Amazon is planning to expand fresh electricity supplier service AmazonFresh.

although fresh business is a low margin business, but by the same time to deliver a similar high profit electronic products orders, Amazon can have a good performance in the fresh electricity supplier services. Familiar with AmazonFresh plans to expand sources, Amazon’s new distribution center with the refrigerator area, and in this region has a capacity of 1 million pieces of household goods area.

Amazon in Seattle, the headquarters of the test of fresh electricity supplier service AmazonFresh has been at least 5 years, through its own fleet to transport eggs, strawberries and meat and other fresh food to consumers. It is reported that Amazon will be the fastest in Losangeles this week to launch AmazonFresh services, and launched the service in the San Francisco Bay area at the end of this year. If all goes well, by 2014, Amazon will launch AmazonFresh services in 20 other cities, which will include some overseas cities.

specializes in the development of supermarket research analyst and consultant Bill (Bill Bishop), said Amazon’s goal is to launch AmazonFresh services in 40 cities in ·. However, the analyst did not disclose whether the Amazon has mastered the plan. Up to now, Amazon spokesman said it was not possible.

to support growth in the past five years to support the growth of the company’s share price of 220%, Amazon is looking for new large market. U.S. retail market reached $568 billion last year, has become one of the objectives of the amazon. Amazon’s expansion plans, may give the United States the largest traditional grocery store operator Kroger Co, the grocery store operator Safeway, and threatened to carry out fresh business of WAL-MART and Taghit retailers. Bi Shaopu said, Amazon test fresh electricity supplier services for many years, through the expansion of the market outside Seattle, is already the beginning of the harvest of the amazon."

to expand the field of fresh electricity supplier, but also help to improve the ability of Amazon to deliver orders directly to consumers, thereby reducing the current dependence on the Amazon FedEx, UPS and other courier companies.

of course, fresh food is also one of the most difficult to conquer Internet retailers. Webvan, an online grocery retailer, launched a day earlier service, and the result is that consumers are reluctant to pay more for improved service quality, leading to the collapse of the site in 2001.

former WAL-MART fresh business executive Roger · (Roger Davidson) >

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