Micro business trap how to identify a lot of liar trick

as the first generation business model led by Alibaba began to move toward the ultimate, taking the second generation from the micro social business model began to enter the stage of history, some people will take WeChat as the representative of the electricity supplier model called electricity supplier 2 edition, and has become extremely popular operating mode this year, many people believe that the circle of friends not all the regular sale of products share the theme, many people also get a more convenient channel of Taobao, but some people have therefore received a painful lesson.

as compared with the traditional platform operation mode of the business model, although there are sales of counterfeit products or offer false profits, and through a large number of brush reputation to deceive the consumer problem. But the problem has not been completely eliminated in the micro business, in fact, can also be based on the trust of the friend, let this problem become more prominent, and even bought the product delivery phenomenon, it is difficult to get the return of consumers rights.

in fact this time, CCTV has been exposed micro business frauds. But these have been successful scam all is the use of greed. Some are based on WeChat, said he can buy cheaper products overseas, especially luxury goods, CCTV exposure of purchasing jade crafts scam, even let some consumers lost millions of dollars. This shows that the liar means, but if we want a serious thought there really such a cheap thing? I believe will stay an eye, avoid themselves deceived. Here to analyze how to circumvent the micro business scam.

first, determined to have the electricity supplier platform sellers. Micro business to shop has become more simple, many users of WeChat products sales in the circle of friends brush, can allow users to purchase items through WeChat, because WeChat users in the circle of friends will always exist neither friendly nor aloof friendship, so people of the trust will rise. Then without thinking through Alipay transfer or bank transfer, but the transfer is not able to get the protection of the interests of, because it is not in the Taobao platform for shopping, so once the transfer is successful, you want to return is also difficult to achieve, so a lot of people would not be deceived the unknown white. So the first way is to choose those with business platform businesses, such as Tmall or suning.com and other electronic business platform is established based on the shop to buy the shop, to ensure their rights and interests.

second, must not be cheap. In fact, this method can most scam, now build many scam is built on the basis of human greed, though many consumers also know to be a hoax, but there will always be try ideas, because there is a chance, so waste such interests will not lose more, so in this idea, it imperceptibly into the scam and inextricably bogged down in. This must be done as a consumer of their own quality of self-cultivation, reactive power is not affected, if not their efforts to get the return of the firm does not take, so it is difficult to cheat on the seamless egg next mouth.

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