Big data era precise positioning at the same time lost what

network on the deluge of advertising information makes people to flow again too busy to attend to all, to be realized finally for accurate positioning, high conversion rate, now the Internet industry is belong to third for precise positioning of the high conversion rate of the stage, so the "data" has become the focus of each business gathering, even "no the" risked touch dangerous spy on user privacy, all of these are the merchant side in the search for efficient marketing way all can, however, these so-called big data really can achieve precise positioning of the realization of efficient business ambitions? What behind the precise positioning, to seize the market in the end lost


net sales background: the banner of the user experience or walk or stop

‘s shock heaven user experience comparable business namely, shouts, helpless, called attention to "user experience" the ultimate goal is to seek interests but (just look at their "user experience" signs play better or worse hit.), so many marketers Xi Guanli used to enhance the user experience to seize the market reputation.

Ali and Tencent taxi software is based on the "stop mom hit car, in order to child care for the elderly to halt subsidies to step; after 315 year. Datang artifact vulnerabilities, Baidu mobile phone, Mobile Phone Guardian 360 guards have launched the killing" Datang "software, in order to win the opportunity to travel by the user; is Tucao video 60 seconds advertising" see "browser launched immediately to intercept the flow from the network video business……

the name of the user under the banner of resources to seize the user market is excusable, to provide users with convenient to businesses is the most favorable model for any industry ecological development trend but the era of big data for accurate positioning and often ignore the user experience.

with data to achieve accurate positioning, efficient realization of the control market to ignore the user experience?

: a case of Q group information "Parkinson", then received the penguin Jun recommend "Parkinson" treatment, hospital news etc..

This is

cola, just a joke inadvertently is the king penguin grab generate advertising recommendation, let a person with big data accurate positioning and quite helpless. Health, tourism, shopping, life and other industries using data accuracy positioning marketing effectiveness is most obvious, I do not know when you laugh with your wife when the stomach will be a large stretch of pregnant women line?

case two: Merchants in the 360 business show left a private phone number, and then dial the phone to show other merchant information.

This is a

for business show in 360 forums a decoration company is innocent had left his personal mobile phone number, then regardless of myself to the phone to call anyone, as long as the other 360 guards will receive certain decoration information display.

for precise positioning of various capture, collection, push, with Internet industry means the river road occasionally accidentally wet shoes made of information security vulnerabilities.

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